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Our culture management philosophy is one of “least impact”. Although not certified organic, we use organic phytosanitary products for the treatments applied to our vines. However, we reserve the right to depart from the framework of organic management on occasion, during years when climatic conditions are exceptional, which would force us to apply too large quantities of organic products. The misuse of these has a negative impact on the environment and we must remain vigilant about the quantities applied to the fields. With the impact of climate change becoming more and more felt, we want to have the least impact on nature while preserving the quality of our harvest.


We also installed three bat houses to help these useful insectivores, threatened by the white-nose syndrome that is decimating their population.

A vineyard is also a paradise for small insectivorous birds that find in it food and countless perches. We have even killdeers nesting in the shade under our vines!


Our “wee bells” are an example of an ecological solution used at Vignoble Camy. They help to keep the deer away from our beautiful and tender vine leaves.

We make them using an old container of yogurt and a piece of sponge suspended inside like a bell. We apply coyote urine to the sponge every week to give them a good dose of predator smell. With the bells installed around the perimeter of the vineyard, the deer don’t take any chances and remain at a safe distance throughout the summer!



We have hives at the vineyard, but only for the pleasure of having honey!

The vines do not need pollinators like bees.

Ours visit the blooming vines in the spring and are free to go to pollinate other plants in the vicinity, including the many apple trees.



Wine is relatively simple to make when we take our time and respect the ancient production methods.

No need to add chemicals to speed things up: the secret is to do good work in the field in order to get perfect quality grapes and to do quality controls over time.

At Vignoble Camy, we interfere as little as possible in the wine making process, and we take the time to do it right.


We use eco-designed Ecova brand bottles: their production yields 15% less CO2 emissions. In addition, their weight is less than that of a conventional bottle, therefore they require less energy to ship to us, and pass on to you.

Buying local wine is also a green gesture. Think of the fuel required to carry wine across the planet when each bottle weighs about 2.6 lbs. When you buy “local”, you know that the grapes have been grown in our fields and the wine has only travelled from our vineyard to your door. A huge fuel savings!

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